Why Choose Perfect Panel for Instagram?

- Cheapest SMM Panel: For those new to the industry or with limited budgets, we offer cheap SMM panel for resellers options that can readily meet your basic marketing needs. We offer the most competitive rates for social media marketing services like Instagram reseller panel, likes and followers, views etc. Our prices are 30-40% cheaper compared to other providers.

- Fastest Services: Our large network and optimized processes ensure fastest delivery of services. Instagram panel and YouTube services start in minutes.

- Best Support : Our customer support team is always ready to help you via live chat, email or WhatsApp. We also offer video tutorials and guides.

- Reliable Services: Our SMM panel provides 100% genuine and best possible organic services to help grow your social media organically.

- Automated System: Our Best panel has an automated system for instant start of services and automatic refills. This makes reselling easier.

- Scalable Business: Perfectpanel empowers resellers to scale their business by providing affordable SMM rates and recurring commissions.

- Secure Payments: We offer the most secure Paytm smm panel, PayPal, UPI and cryptocurrency payment options.

Buy Cheap

Bulk Followers, Likes, and Views for TikTok.

Earn Bonus

The opportunity to earn a 5% Add Fund Bonus

Referral Program

Bring friends and get up to 10% of their Spent


We do not disclose Your data to third parties

Why choose Social Media Marketing panel?

Here are some top reasons why reselling social media services is a profitable business:

- Huge demand for SMM services
- Recurring income from commissions 
- Wide profit margins for resellers
- Easy to start and scale
- Automated system for orders
- Gain trust of clients by providing services

SMM reseller industry is growing exponentially. By becoming a reseller with Perfectpanel, you can start your own agency or grow your existing business.

How Does Our Reseller Panel Work?

Perfectpanel makes reselling social media services easy through its SMM panel:

- Sign Up: Create your reseller account by providing basic details

- Add Funds: Add money to your panel wallet via Paytm, PayPal etc.

- Promote Services: Share service catalog to your customers

- Receive Orders: Get notification when customer places order

- Panel Processes Order: Our system processes the order automatically

- We Deliver Services: Services get delivered directly to your customer  

- You Earn Profit: The difference between your costs and selling price is your profit

- Automated Reports: You get detailed reports on your orders and panel usage

With these simple steps, you can start reselling SMM services without any hassles.

What indian smm panel services You can Resell?  

Perfectpanel offers a wide range of social media and Top SMM Panel services that you can resell at discounted price:

Panel For Instagram Services

- Instagram Followers
- Instagram Likes
- Instagram Views 
- Instagram Comments
- Instagram Story Views
- Save Instagram Videos
- Share Instagram Post

Panel For YouTube Services

- YouTube Likes
- YouTube Dislikes
- YouTube Views 
- YouTube Subscribers
- YouTube Comments

Panel For Facebook Services 

- Facebook Page Likes
- Facebook Post Likes
- Facebook Post Shares
- Facebook Comments

panel For Twitter Services

- Twitter Followers
- Twitter Likes
- Twitter Views
- Tweet Retweets
- Twitter Poll Votes

Along with these, you can also resell Pinterest, Spotify and TikTok services. We keep adding new services regularly.

Why Is Perfectpanel the Best SMM Panel?

Perfectpanel is trusted by thousands of resellers in India due to its reliable services, top features and excellent support:

- Cheapest Panel: Perfectpanel offers Cheap SMM panel for 2023. Our rates for social media services start from just ₹1. This is the cheapest in industry.

- Genuine Services: The followers, likes, views etc. are 100% genuine and active profiles. This ensures organic growth.

- Fastest Panel: SMM services start in minutes due to our automated system and large network. 

- Best in Delivery: Our delivery for Instagram and YouTube orders is the fastest.

- Secure Payments: Multiple payment options like Paytm, PayPal, UPI, Bank transfer etc.

- Profitable: Highest profit margins for resellers due to the cheapest panel rates.

- Dashboard: Powerful dashboard to monitor orders, wallet, services, requests etc. 

- Dedicated Support: Our customer support via email/chat/call helps resolve issues quickly.

- Trial Services: We provide free trial Instagram and YouTube services for testing.

- Recurring Commissions: Up to 20% commissions when your customers repurchase services. 

- Reports & Stats: Detailed insights on panel usage and sales reports for resellers.

- SMM Guides: Full tutorials and documentation for being a successful reseller.

These features make Perfectpanel the best SMM reseller panel in India. The affordable rates and profitable commissions help grow any social media agency.

How to Place Orders from Fastest SMM Panel in the market?

Placing SMM service orders is very easy using the Perfectpanel reseller dashboard:

- Login to your panel account
- Browse the available services like Instagram Followers, YouTube Views etc.
- Choose the required service and fill order details like quantity, links etc.
- The system will show the service charge to be deducted from your panel wallet
- Click Place Order. The service will start processing instantly.

You will get regular notifications on the processing status of your orders. The services get delivered directly to your customers.

The automated ordering system makes it easy for resellers to manage multiple orders. You can also purchase top-up for your wallet instantly.

Lucrative Commission Plans

The most attractive part of our Cheapest reseller panel is the commissions you earn:

- 10% Instant Discount on all services
- 15% Weekly Commissions added to your wallet  
- 20% Referral Bonus for user referrals who signup and purchase  
- Up to 10% Volume Discounts on bulk orders

For recurring customers, you can earn:

- 15% Monthly Commissions on repeat purchases
- 20% Quarterly Commissions when users purchase for 3 months

The more services you resell through our panel, the more you can earn. There is no limit to how much commissions you can make.

Why Perfectpanel is India's #1 SMM Panel

Here are some key facts that make Perfectpanel the leading SMM panel in India:

- 1 Million+ SMM orders successfully delivered
- 50,000+ Happy customers across India
- 150+ Social media services available
- 500+ Resellers trust our panel  
- 99.9% Order success rate
- 5-stars Customer satisfaction rating
- 1 Hour Average order turnaround time

Perfectpanel has emerged as India's largest and most reliable SMM panel within a short span. Resellers prefer us for the quality of services, affordability and transparent processes.

How to Get Started?

It takes less than 5 minutes to become a reseller on Perfectpanel:

1. Create Free Account
Provide your username, password and registered email to signup.

2. Activate Account  
We will send a confirmation email to activate your account.

3. Add Funds   
Start by adding ₹1000 - ₹5000 to your panel wallet via Paytm/PayPal.

4. Place Test Order  
Order 100 Instagram followers to test the panel.

5. Start Reselling
Share service catalogue to customers to receive orders.

6. Grow Your Agency  
Keep adding funds to scale your SMM agency.

With these simple steps, you can start reselling social media services successfully.

Why Choose Perfect SMM Panel ?

Here are the top reasons to choose Perfectpanel for your SMM business:

✔ Cheap SMM Services : Cheapest rates in the industry  

✔ Genuine & Organic Growth : 100% real services for organic growth 

✔ Quickest Delivery : Fastest processing and delivery of SMM services

✔ Maximum Profit : Highest profit margins for resellers in India  

✔ Reliable Services : Consistent quality and high order success 

✔ Secure Panel : 100% safe and instant payment options

✔ Excellent Support : Quick support via call/chat/email 

✔ Automated System : Easy to use dashboard to manage orders  

✔ Recurring Commissions : Earn for life from recurring clients

✔ Trusted by Thousands : 1 Million+ orders delivered with excellence
So boost your social media agency with Perfectpanel - the cheapest and most powerful SMM panel in India!